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What We Offer
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Shepherds Spring Pre-school Nursery provides a safe, secure and happy environment for children as young as 2 weeks old to school-age children of 5 years old. We have a safe environment that is exciting and one that children will love to learn and discover the world we live in.

Highest standards

Our Early Years teaching is thorough and focussed, but shared with the all-important element of fun, as it is impreitave for young people to discover the enjoyment of learning.

Visit our Rooms page for full details of the education styles and age groups.
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An overview for parents

We use an interactive assessment platform that allows us to log everything online for your convenience. Get access to photo's taken of your little one during their daily activities -– and overview for parents to see their child at play.
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Dedicated to continuous development

A SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) is a practitioner who coordinates the provision for children with special educational needs or disabilities in settings. We are proud to say our SENCo is seldom used to cover ratios in the rooms, giving her full attention to the needs of the children she oversees and the different agencies that are involved.
Shepherds Spring Pre-school Nursery Andover image She also has an assistant who helps to ensure the best possible outcome for our little stars.

For more information please refer to our Local Offer on the Hampshire County Council website.