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At Shepherds Spring Preschool Nursery, we pride ourselves in providing a holistic and nurturing learning experience for all our children. We go the extra mile because we love what we do. We promote a healthy and happy environment to work and play; you may be a captain of a pirate ship one minute and invited to a tea party the next, no two days are ever the same. We see ourselves much more than a team but more like a family.

Statement of Commitment to Safeguarding Children & VulnerableAdults through safer employment practice

Shepherds Spring Preschool Nursery is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. Safe recruitment of staff is central to this commitment. We will ensure that our recruitment policies and practices are robust, and that our selection procedures prevent unsuitable people from gaining access to children, young people and vulnerable adults. All adults who work with or on behalf of children and young people in this organisation must be competent, confident and safe to do so. All posts working with Children & Vulnerable Adults should be aware of and share the commitment to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults when applying for roles within Shepherds Spring Pre-School Nursery. This commitment is expressed through the following requirements:

Applicants for all relevant posts which involve work with children and young people, or vulnerable adults will be required to undertake a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check if an offer of employment is made and will not be able to take up post until a satisfactory check has been received.

Applicants are required, when completing an application for a post within these services, to supply full education and employment history since leaving secondary school, with explanations for any gaps.

An applicant’s personal commitment to safeguarding children, young people, or vulnerable adults will be explored through the interview process.

Successful applicants must show proof of identity and qualifications along with various other pre-employment clearances before a firm offer of employment is made.

Prior to taking up post, applicants will be expected to sign our employee handbook, which commits them to upholding the highest standards in public life, both in the way they undertake their professional duties, and in their personal conduct.

Applicants, once an offer has been made and accepted will also be expected to register for the DBS update service, to ensure regular checks can be made as and when required.

We aim to be an equal opportunity employer and select staff on merit, irrespective of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion or belief.

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